The Livetheorangelife portal is an online site that fits your schedule almost like my THDHR. This online portal Livetheorangelife is for all Home Depot employees and workers.


Employees and workers can access various information through the portal, such as B. personal information, annual medical benefits, the financial situation.

This article removes all information on how to reset your password, log in, create an account, hotline numbers, hours of operation, and all the benefits of a Home Depot business. Before we continue, let’s talk a little about Home Depot.


Livetheorangelife – About MyTHDHR

MyTHDHR Your schedule is very important when you work at Home Depot. If you are interested in information about The Home Depot, please read this article carefully. Home Depot is one of the largest building materials distributors in the United States. Home Depot offers tools, construction products, and other services.

Home Depot employs approximately 385,000 people there. Home Depot was founded in the United States in 1978. Home Depot is in great demand as it operates many large-format stores in the United States. Using My THDHR on your schedule can help you find payroll, benefit plan updates, personal information, career-focused programs, and more. In this article, we’ll cover the My THDHR website, how to view your MyTHDHR calendar and payroll, get help logging in to MyTHDHR, view Home Depot HR contacts and phone numbers, and view the list of resources.

When you want to see your profile or payment information. You will then see all your payment details and your full schedule. To see all these things in the information, you just need to go to the link for the payment option instead of the hourly option.

MyTHDHR – Contact Details

If you have any questions about working as a Home Depot employee, benefits, wages, etc., you can always answer the hotline number.

Assistance number: 1 8005554954

Opening Hours:

(HRSC) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. at 6 p.m. at 6 p.m. M. (IS)

(TAC) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. M. At 6 p. M. A 7 a. M. (EST)